Fixed Aluminium Awnings

A versatile range for all applications.

Product Information

The Luxaflex ® ClassicLine fixed aluminium awnings are the traditional choice in awnings. The Luxaflex aluminium awnings are made from durable heat reflective aluminium which reflects up to 90% of the suns heat. ?The ClassicLine aluminium awnings provide the maximum protection for patio furniture and protect doors and window frames from the elements.
The Luxaflex ® ClassicLine fixed awnings are available in four different shapes to suit all your home’s design: Barbados, Panorama, Bahama and Caribbean.
There is a large colour range available including Pearl and Metallic finishes. You can even design you own colour pattern.
The Luxaflex ® ClassicLine aluminium awnings have a unique Luxacote ® finish which protects the awnings against fading and corrosion, ensuring a maximum service life.

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