Adjustable Aluminium Awnings

The sun control solution for your patio

Product Information

The Luxaflex Adjustable Patio Awning is a sun control product and gives protection from both sun and rain. When the aluminium louvre awning is in the closed position, it is watertight. However adjustable awnings cannot give the same protection as a fixed roof. The Luxaflex aluminium adjustable awning can be easily cleaned by hosing it down and wiping it with a mild solution of natural soap in luke warm water.

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Product Features

  • The Luxafelx adjustable awning offers excellent weather protection
  • The louvre awning keeps the summer sun out and lets the winter sun in
  • Infinitely variable louvres adjust to allow heat and smoke to escape
  • Smooth and easy operation
  • The adjustable awning is made from durable heat reflective aluminium
  • The Luxaflex awning can cover large areas
  • Irregular shapes are possible
  • Split opening options are available
  • The adjustable aluminium awning is virtually maintenance free
  • Motorisation options available
  • Large range of fascia colours including Pearl and Metallic finishes are available
Luxaflex adjustable aluminium awning

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